The installation of a reversing radar on Citroen C4 is a very useful development to allow you to simply park ou retreat without hitting another vehicle and of course in the event that someone crosses as you back up. The concern is that the latter sometimes goes deteriorate et beep for no reason or even stop walking. Even if you can still drive with your Citroen C4, in both cases it is rather inconvenient. This is the reason why in this article we are going to show you how to fix your reversing camera problem. To do this first we will help you analyze your concern on your Citroen C4. Then according to what you have discovered we will send you advice for the réparer .


Analyze a problem with reversing radar on Citroen C4:

The operation of the reversing radar:

The reversing radar is activated as soon as you engage the reverse of your Citroen C4. The latter goes ring when you approach something behind your vehicle. Usually intensity The signal will increase as the distance becomes shorter to intensify the alert. So the audible signal begins approximately 1 m from your vehicle and becomes continuous at 5 cm.

It works using sensors, on average 4, arranged at the rear bumper of your vehicle. Note that generally the sensors are located at a height of 50 cm from the ground on the bumper, in order to measure the right distance to ring. These sensors will measure the distance that separates your vehicle from an external element, such as a wall or another vehicle. To calculate this the captures send ultrasonic (ultrasonic waves) which when they reach the object will send back an echo. The sensors therefore go time the reception time of the ultrasound echo in order to calculate the distance . After that they will transmit this data to a electronic control unit through electrical connections. The central will recover the data and transmit an audible signal to the driver to help him estimate the distance left behind the vehicle. Small warning, a reversing radar should not replace the controls in the mirrors.

Faults related to the reversing radar:

In the same way as explained previously, the reversing radar works with the help of sensors arranged behind your vehicle, so most often the breakdowns are related to these. Indeed if you have had babies shock in the back of your vehicle, it is possible that this has displaced the sensors, thus distorting the analysis of the radar. In this case, it is possible that the reversing radar no longer beeps because a sensor is damaged or you hear an irregular sound signal.

Another possibility is that the sensors become clogged with dirt like mud, plants ... which prevent the diffusion of ultrasound. In this case you will get the continuous sound signal when you put reverse gear.

Another possibility, even if it is less common, is that you have a problem with the rear contactor . In other words the devices do not activate when you put the reverse gear. If this is your problem the reverse lights will not come on either.

Finally, given that it is an electric circuit, it can always be envisaged that the fuse reversing radar has blown. You can spend some time checking it, using the manual for your Citroen C4, but be aware that this is really less frequent.

Some techniques to repair a back-up radar problem on Citroen C4?

First of all, before a repair on your Citroen C4, we advise you to start with nettoyer the bumper of your vehicle because it is possible that dirt blocks the sending of ultrasound. This could solve your problem quite easily.

Then if that did not help your problem, start by checking the sensors. So it will take find the sensor that no longer works. To do this we recommend that you put the reverse gear of your vehicle, without forgetting to put the hand brake. Locate the sensors located on the rear bumper of your vehicle and bring a metallic element closer. If the ultrasonic waves work you will hear a small sizzle otherwise if you do not hear anything, it means that the sensor does not work anymore. Do the test on each sensor to find the one that no longer works. When you have identified the faulty sensor, try to replace it in its base so that it resumes its original location.

When it doesn't work you will have to disassemble the bumper of your Citroen C4 by unscrewing a few screws, disconnecting the sensor connector and changing the defective sensor.

If you wish to make repairs to a professional it will take on average between 200 and 300 euros .

To finish: a back-up radar problem can happen quickly. It is true that the sensors are rather sensitive and at the slightest scratch it can move them and distort the calculation. It therefore happens regularly to drivers not to do finding when you have a collision, but be aware that even if it is not visible, you may have internal impacts which will cost you dearly at the reparation .

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