The windshield washer pump of your Renault Kadjar does not work anymore ? You would like to change it on your own, however you don't know how locate? It is true that driving without washer fluid could be risk because when you don't good visibility you risk an accident, so it's a problem not to be left lying around for too long. Do not worry repairs will generally be accessible.

That's why we'll start by helping you know how locate the windshield washer pump on Renault Kadjar and in this way allow you to understand the dysfunction of your pump. And we will finish by explaining the technique to repair the windshield washer pump and the price to be expected.

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Locate the windshield washer pump on Renault Kadjar:

Find the windshield washer pump on Renault Kadjar

Generally on Renault Kadjar windshield washer pump is located at the front of the vehicle on the right side. To achieve this you will need remove the wheel and mudguard. After that you will discover the cylindrical pump, located under the tank washer fluid. In the event that you have difficulty locating it, do not hesitate to consult the maintenance booklet for your vehicle.

Study the windshield washer pump problem on Renault Kadjar:

The pump is a small electric motor which sends washer fluid to the front and rear of the vehicle. However, as and when it is likely that this component is damaged. Therefore, it is generally useful to be able to analyze the problem on your own to save the cost of labor.

The problem could have various origins. Indeed it is possible that it comes from the motor of the pump which has become rust and which therefore no longer manages to turn properly. So if this is your case you will not hear the motor activate when you press the washer button. Another common failure is that the slide has inflated and plug the pipes. Indeed, since there is only one washer pump on your vehicle, the slider has the task of sliding to block one of the two front or rear pipes, to send the liquid to the desired location. The problem could be that over time and being in regular contact with the liquid, it has swelled and it can no longer slide properly. In this case you will hear the motor lock up. Finally, another possibility to consider would be that the fuse of the pump wire rack. Therefore it will be necessary to check the fuse box of your vehicle and identify the windshield washer pump fuse, to help you do not hesitate to consult the maintenance booklet of your Renault Kadjar.

How to repair the windscreen washer pump Renault Kadjar

Access the washer pump on Renault Kadjar:

To repair the windshield washer pump, you will need a jack, An recovery box and a toolbox. It will be necessary raise your vehicle with the jack, passenger side so remove the front right wheel of your Renault Kadjar. After that you will have access to the mudguard. You will have to remove a few screws and unclip the plastic to remove the mudguard. And finally you will see the washer pump located under the tank windscreen washer. Disconnect the connector as well as 2 pipes washer fluid. Remove the tank with the pump and use the drip tray to collect the escaping liquid. Remove the pump from the reservoir, and investigate the problem.

Repair the windshield washer pump on Renault Kadjar:

If you observe that the pump turns out to be rusty, you can try to clean it with wd40 (you will find it at 4 € on online sales sites). Otherwise when the problem comes from slide then you will have to detach the part adjoining the pump that contains it. Disassemble this component using a flat screwdriver to recover the slide. Finally using a cutter trim the swollen ends from either side. Then replace the slider inside its frame and reassemble the component on the pump. Otherwise when it is a problem of fuse then just replace the blown fuse with a new one same type. Be careful, when your fuse has blown it may be a sign that the electrical circuit is not working well so it would be advisable to have it checked if it happens again.

In case you do not want to make the repairs it is also possible get a new pump on an online shopping site and put it on your own on the tank. To make sure you are buying the right size pump, we recommend that you read the maintenance manual for your Renault Kadjar to find out the manufacturer's recommendations. Otherwise another alternative would be to carry out all repairs at your garage.

Price of a new washer pump on Renault Kadjar

In the event that you are planning to purchase and replace the washer pump, the part will come back to you between 10 - 20 € on the Internet. To do the repair at a professional you will need to plan about 70 - 100 €.

To conclude: Knowing where the washer pump is located can be useful as it will save you the trouble of going to a professional and save labor costs. A little advice to keep your pump when you live in a place subject to low temperatures, we advise you to buy windshield washer fluid which does not freeze because otherwise it will prematurely damage the windshield washer pump in your Renault Kadjar. In particular, you can specify it during the annual overhaul of your vehicle which provides for the leveling of fluids including windshield washer fluid. So, if you want more details on the price of an overhaul for your vehicle, you can browse the tutorial below: price of a Renault Kadjar overhaul.

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