The dashboard of your Audi Q5 records that the energy saving mode is active as soon as you switch on the ignition and you are unable to start your car ? Or it snaps into place as soon as you want to put the radio with the engine off? And it prevents you from listening to some music when you are waiting in your vehicle. You should also know that when the energy saving mode is activated you will not be able to open and close your electric windows and charge a laptop on cigar lighter because the entire electrical circuit of your Audi Q5 accessories is off.

Even though this mode works for some reason, it can get annoying. This is the reason why in this tutorial we will show you how deactivate energy saving mode on your Audi Q5. And also we will tell you why it started and what it is for .


How to deactivate the energy saving mode on Audi Q5?

Distinction between energy saving mode and eco mode on Audi Q5:

First of all, it is important not to confuse the energy saving mode which has the role of preserving the battery of your vehicle and the eco mode which is intended for decrease fuel consumption. Thus the energy saving mode will give you the possibility of restarting your vehicle and the eco mode will make your car more ecological.

Eco mode is deactivatable by a button on the dashboard of your Audi Q5 or when you press the accelerator pedal hard because you will be able to drive normally without this mode. Regarding the energy saving mode this is not an option, it is automatic because the battery happens to be an essential part of your vehicle. If it drains you will not be able to start and you will find yourself stuck, and it will be necessary to reactivate it with pliers or a portable battery.

Deactivate energy saving mode on Audi Q5:

Therefore, the energy saving mode turns on and off automatically depends on amount of electricity contained in your battery. So when you turn off the engine on your Audi Q5 and want to turn the radio you run the risk of having the message: energy saving mode activated, displayed on the instrument panel, then a few minutes later it will turn off.

For remove energy saving mode and turn on the music, it will be necessary to start your car to run the engine to provide the necessary energy. So be aware that you will have to drive for a while to recharge your battery, otherwise if you switch your Audi Q5 off immediately and switch on the radio, it will not last long.

Why was the energy saving mode activated on Audi Q5?

Today, vehicles are increasingly equipped with of electronic components Thu consume a lot of energy to your vehicle. However, without an appropriate amount of energy: 12 volts, you cannot démarrer your vehicle, so it is essential that your battery always conserves electricity.

How does starting an Audi Q5 work?

In order to appreciate the role of the energy saving mode, it is necessary to briefly know the operation of the start-up of a car. You should know that as soon as you turn the key on the ignition, it will activate battery of your vehicle. This will provide electricity to the starter. This one is a little electric motor which will start the engine of your vehicle. When the engine is turned on, it will generate energy which will be recovered by alternator which will recharge the battery with electricity ... Consequently the battery is an essential part because it will allow store energy necessary to keep your vehicle stationary, to operate all accessoiries of your vehicle eg radio, cigarette lighter. And finally she will allow to start your Audi Q5. Moreover, if you have trouble starting your car, you can read the tutorial below, it may help you identify your problem: Audi Q5 difficult to start.

Now you should understand a little better the usefulness of this mode. This is intended to stop the accessories after a certain period of time in order to keep the battery of your vehicle. If the mode did not activate and you forget to turn off the radio, the headlights or a light in your Audi Q5, then it is likely that you will not be able to restart.

When does the energy saving mode activate?

You should know that even if this mode is a little annoying, it ensures you conserve energy in your vehicle. Normally this message is displayed after 30 minutes of using accessories such as the radio with the engine off. But this may vary depending on the number of accessories activated on your Audi Q5 because this will consume more or less energy and therefore it is possible to get the message instead. Otherwise, it is also possible that it turns on prematurely if your battery is low.

Finally, when this message comes on as soon as you switch on your car, you should alert about a battery problem. We recommend you change without delay or to have it checked in a garage. Do not hesitate to also consult the tutorial below to get an idea of ​​the prices of a battery: price change battery Audi Q5

Finally : it is not possible to deactivate the energy saving mode of your Audi Q5 because it is automatic. However, if the latter lights up regularly, this should alert you to a battery problem. We recommend that you check it quickly as you may find yourself stuck.

To go further in the maintenance of your Audi Q5, you can consult the other pages on the Listen Q5.