The overheating indicator light lights up on the console of your Peugeot 206? Or only you want maintain your Peugeot 206? Washing the radiator turns out to be a good reflex. Indeed the radiator is a crucial element of the Cooling system of your vehicle, so if it is poorly maintained you risk overheating the engine, which could to damage some parts. This is why in this tutorial we will explain to you how to clean the radiator on Peugeot 206 and we will also explain his role et Why it is important to maintain it regularly.


The method to clean the radiator on Peugeot 206?

Safety measures to be observed when cleaning the radiator of a Peugeot 206:

Before you start, take the security measures adequate because you're going to handle chemical products. So we advise you to do the cleaning dehors so that the scents evaporate. You will also need to bring gloves and mask in order to avoid contact with irritating substances. Then you will also have to think about to recycle the drained liquid because it turns out to be very polluting. To do this, it is possible to go to a nearby garage or a recycling center.

When you are well equipped, you will have to wait for the time that the engine cool. Indeed if you do not wait long enough you risk of burning yourself with vapors or coolant. You should know that the temperature of an engine is on average 90 degrees, so we recommend that you wait at least an hour for it to cool down properly.

Drain the radiator coolant on Peugeot 206:

Then open the hood of your vehicle, find the radiator which is located near the engine block, at the front of the vehicle. You should easily identify it because it is a metal grid. Start with lightly dust the outside of the radiator with a brush and soapy water. This will make it possible to remove the dust which is encrusted between the fins. This is important because when the radiator is covered with dust, the air will not be able to circulate properly, which is what allows the circuit to cool.

When you have brushed the exterior, locate the bleed screw present on one of the ends at the bottom of the radiator, this will allow you to drain the radiator. To do this, place a container under the car to recover and recycle the coolant that will escape during the emptying. Be aware that it is not allowed to empty this liquid in pipes such as the sink or toilet. Loosen the bleed screw and wait a while so that all the liquid drains.

Clean the Peugeot 206 radiator:

Once the draining is done, set aside the liquid to recycle it and use a second bowl. Then tighten the bleed screw and pour some cleaning liquid radiator for this type of situation with the water. Please note that the cleaner must be chosen according to the type of radiator, if the latter is aluminum or copper, do not hesitate to consult the maintenance manual for your Peugeot 206. Start the engine about ten minutes to circulate the cleaner through the system. And after turning it off, wait for the engine to cool down. Reopen the drain plug and allow the product to drain.

Then using a garden hose rinse with water inside the radiator by letting the water run for a little while. Once this is done, Wait that all the water drains. And finally close the bleed plug securely and re-insert antifreeze, about between 5 and 7 liters according to the recommendations provided in the maintenance manual for your Peugeot 206.

Restart the engine for ten minutes with the hood open to let the new coolant circulate. To finish, control levels and insert more liquid if necessary.

Why clean the radiator on Peugeot 206?

What is the radiator for Peugeot 206 used for?

The radiator turns out to be a very important component of your Peugeot 206. Indeed, the engine of your Peugeot 206 will heat up in order to create energy. Nevertheless it is essential to control the heat emitted for prevent overheating which could damage other components. To do this coolant circulates at the engine level. However the latter will also eventually heat up, so it is the function of the heat sink. cool the coolant. To do this, the coolant will circulate in the pipes of the radiator in order to cool itself thanks to the air which circulates between the pipes and helped by fins.

When to clean the radiator on Peugeot 206?

Now that you know the function of the radiator in your Peugeot 206, you will understand that it is very important to maintain it properly. In general it is recommended to carry out maintenance, more precisely the draining and replacing coolant of the radiator on average every 2 years.

In case the overheating indicator light comes on, this indicates that the engine of your vehicle is not cooling sufficiently, which could damage parts, we advise you to stop for a while to cool the system and then go quickly to a professional. In general this breakdown will be linked to the radiator which does not work well. Over time, the radiator can scale up and ultimately clog thus it will not be able to cool the coolant.

To finish: it is important to properly maintain your Peugeot 206 and in particular its cooling system. In this way we recommend that you bleed the radiator and change the coolant once every two years to make sure that there are no deposits which could clog the pipes and create overheating.

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